Gamins De Paris / Games Of Paris (1992)

Year: 1992
Genre: anal/oral sex, pre-condom, twinks, big dicks, interracial, cumshots, uncut cocks, voyeurism, hustlers/prostitution, threesomes
Duration: 01:35:35
Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Studio: French Art
Cast: Lucien LeBrun, Lucas Rizzi, David Bauman, Adrian Vassillu, Franz Weber, Yadranko Wasa, Samien Carey, Simon Rault

Gamins De Paris is the story of a teenage French villager, Victor (Lucien LeBrun) who is determined to visit his older sister in Paris. The first scene has the young LeBrun and his schoolmate (Lucas Rizzi) spying on Rizzi's older brother as he takes a bath. Impressed by the size of his cock, they immediately retreat to meaure their own. The older brother catches them at their games, and a hot threeway follows in which each takes turns as sucker and suckee, top and bottom. The ungrateful Victor steals money from the older brother to finance his trip to Paris. He hops into a boxcar and encounters fellow runaway Elyes Ardin, who quickly persuades him first to suck his cock and then to bend over for anal penetration. This pattern is repeated as Victor then finds himself getting fucked by a Paris streetboy (David Bauman), his sister's boyfriend (Adrian Vassillu), and a painter's model (Franz Weber), before he finally gets his chance of top by fucking the painter (Yadranko Wasa). Other scenes include a hot encounter between a second street boy (Samien Carey) and a slightly older man (Simon Rault), with Carey's ass being delectable, and two other short segments between the painter and a gallery owner, and between the gallery owner and a client. As usual with Cadinot, the production values are high, and the videography amongst the sexiest in the industry, especially for lovers of asshole shots. The sex is practically non-stop, and features some incredibly large cocks and great cumshots. The amazing eighteen year old Lucien is in every sex scene but three. What a workout!

Format: AVI
Video: 720x528 (1,36:1); 29,97; 1312 Kbs; 0.12 b/px
Audio: 2 ch: 48000 Hz; 128 Kbs; MPEG 2 Audio Layer MP3


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