Hot House Video - The Road To Hopeful

Country: US
Studio: Hot House Video, Bullwhip Collection
Cast: Beau Saxon, Brad Eriksen, Brad Hunt, Cruz Lennox, Cliff Parker, Josh Powell, Trent Reed, Scott Russell, Hunter Scott, Doug Forbes
Director: Steven Scarborough

A landmark film for director Scarborough, not to mention sleazy and hot as hell, too. One of 1994's best Scarborough, who worked for Falcon early in his career, here the debut feature from his own new studio label, and ooohhh boy, is it a winner.

The theme is decidely romantic, while the sex itself is unbelievably sleazy - lots of outdoor tricking, some enormous loads are blown, Brad Hunt sporting a goatee (marry me, Brad!) and there's an awesome gloryhole fuckscene that still gets me off to this very day.

Stunning outdoor photography melding with some of the most chiseled pieces of men, it was easily one of the year's best. A high high quality feature which promises good things from Hot House Entertainment. (How about a sequel, Steven? Please?)

All in all, a terrific flick that the director should be very proud of. -Keeneye Reeves

"Shot on location in the breathtaking mountains of Northern California, it chronicles the misadventures of a sexy (and innocent) young man as he sets out on the road away from a lying, cheatin', low-down, good-for-nothing lover toward his small rural hometown and a brighter future.

Along the way he crosses paths with an unbelievable grab-bag of raunchy red-necked, big-dicked, booty-crazy wild men with nothing better to do than spend their time getting down on each other and anybody else in the general vicinity. All that good clean country living stimulates tons of outrageous, uninhibited, mad-dog sex!

The Road to Hopeful is a story for everybody who has ever been in a neglectful a story of loneliness and escape, of chance encounters and raucous, rough-and-tumble hoe-downs. A story of a journey home, to Hopeful, to a new beginning and to self discovery. A tale that will forever set the standard for this genre of road film. You are invited you to come and join The Road to Hopeful... guaranteed to get you where you're going!"

DVD Covers:

Length: 789 MiB Duration: 1h 19mn 5s 953ms
Video: MPEG Video at 1 150 Kbps, Aspect: 352 x 240 (1.304) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 224 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 788.9 MB

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