Jocks (1978)

Year: 1978
Genre: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Twinks, Sports, Vintage
Duration: 00:46:23
Studio: Nebula Video, Nova, Bijou Classics
Cast: Rick Steele, Chet Samson, Peter Watson, Rick Scott, Greg Samuels, Jim Lucas, Don Michaels, Chad Scott, David Shaw, Rusty Evans, Rick Adams, Dan Taylor

Scene 1. Pumping Eight (Chad Scott, Todd Russell)
Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises - including a very unique manner of fucking. What can't be achieved on the slant is worked out on the lockerroom floor as two hunky bodybuilders become buddies - pumping blood and juices with dedication.

Scene 2. Lapping It Up (Don Michaels (80s), Peter Watson)
Towel-flipping horseplay by a couple of speed swimmers leads to a stinging sore cock. But after it's been kissed and made well, additional stroking seems to be in order - by hand, by mouth, by ass, and, by gosh, it's a lot of fun and gets those hot juices flying.

Scene 3. Hard Tackle (Rusty Evans, Rick Scott)
Strained shoulder muscles send a star tackle in to see the masseur. The rubdown that follows soon becomes a different kind of ball game with throats and anal canals getting thorough massages from manipulating cocks muscles. The final result is two very wild and wet scores.

Scene 4. No Holds Barred (Jim Lucas, David Shaw)
Wrestling is the kind of body contact sport that arouses tremendous responses - even when you end up on the bottom. But even when you can't pin your buddy, there are ways to become top man. When a bear hug leads to a bare ass, deep thrust is certain to follow.

Scene 5. Extra Innings (Rick Steele, Greg Samuels)
When the final inning's over on the field, a new game begins in the lockerroom as a couple of baseball buddies discover that heaving action with bats and balls can lead to home runs where everyone wins - and the game goes on forever.

Scene 6. Hard Kicks
A leg injury brings two soccer players into the jock aroma of the lockerroom and helping a buddy becomes a two-way sport of hot lips and hips with cock and ass action when hard, tense muscles give and take pleasure whose is a sport all its own - making teammates into buddies.

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