Les Minets Sauvages (1984)

Year: 1984
Country: France
Genre: Anal, Oral, Teens
Duration: 1 h 15 min
Cast: Didier Hamel, Jean Louis Vaissieres, Luigi DiComo, Gerard Mandrin, Patrick Seigneur, Pierre Bruisson, Jonathan Levy, Omar Salam, Jacques DeRives, Christol Lighthouse, Gerard Nemour, Jean-Michel Senecal

A stunning film from the director's magic. Just think - this film for over 20 years, and try to watch it - you will plunge into the fantastic world of exciting and institution for troubled teens!
Didier Amel has a new occupant, a gentle boy. Immediately upon arrival he will be raped by one of the guards, and, once in the dormitory to the residents of the school (more like a real barracks), it is subject to the new test - raped by inmates. Precedent has been set and the boy was subjected to constant humiliation and violence from the wild, unsatisfied troubled teens. But ... it is obvious that the boy is starting to get sexual satisfaction, undergoing such tests, although his main desire - the constant affection, tenderness and warmth, that he never received, even at home. He is a man among the inhabitants - the only man capable of resisting a gang of dissatisfied students at the school.

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