NakedSword - Tourist Season Disc 1

Cast: Dominic Sol, Leo Forte, Mario Costa, Morgan Black, Parker Perry, Phenix Saint, Tommy Defendi & Tristan Jaxx

The explosive fourth season of Golden Gate puts a different spin on the formula for "San Francisco Sex" with Tourist Season. With its micro-climates and micro-neighborhoods, San Francisco is a city that can change drastically from one block to the next. If you're not paying attention, you can go from tony Nob Hill to the grungy Tenderloin in a heartbeat, which can occasionally cause some problems for the ongoing onslaught of tourists coming to dip their toes in the sexual freedom that The City symbolized. Golden Gate: Tourist Season shares four of their stories.

SCENE 1: La Misin (Parker Perry & Mario Costa)
Oklahoma-born Johnny (Parker Perry) is a corn-fed, wholesome good ol' boy just looking to take in all that San Francisco has to offer. But when he gets lost after getting off the train in the wrong neighborhood, Billy sees another kind of local culture by way of a Latino thug named Julio (Mario Costa)! Who knew an 11-inch uncut cock would be on Billy's sightseeing tour?

SCENE 2: On(line) Again Off Again (Leo Forte & Tristan Jaxx)
Modern technology has made hooking up easier than ever, but rarely are the people you meet as hot in real life as they are online. But that's not the case when Jesse (Leo Forte) and Zachary (Tristan Jaxx) meet. They exceed each other's expectations and enjoy the best no-strings-attached hook-up each of them has ever had.

SCENE 3: The Shirt (Dominic Sol & Morgan Black)
Travis (Dominic Sol) gets a long, hard, and rough welcome during his first trip to a seedy leather bar, but maybe that's what he had in mind all along. After literally losing his shirt, the horny tourist is followed home by a San Francisco Leather Daddy (Morgan Black), who you'll see has a very unique way of welcoming out of town guests

SCENE 4: Phenix Nest (Tommy Defendi & Phenix Saint)
Out of his element but reinvigorated by the power of the city, Jimmy (Tommy Defendi) sets out to explore New York. But when he stumbles upon a tattoo shop and its artist, Alex (Phenix Saint), everything stops. Has Jimmy found a new place to call home? One thing is certain; Alex gives Jimmy much, much more than just a tattoo.

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