Perfect 10 / Wall to Wall Video / 1986

Studio: Wall to Wall Video
Cast: Brett Simms, Chad Johnson, Chaz Holderman, Cole Taylor, Matt Romero, Morgan Hunter, Pierce Daniels
Director: Stephen Lucas
Genre: Vintage
Year: 1986
Runtime: 80 min
Country: US
With no story, pretensions of art, or dialogue, Perfect 10 is a Stephen Lucas film packed with incredible non-stop sex. And it's a perfect vehicle for Chad Johnson.

The opening segment has studly Chad in the shower being voyeured by Brett Simms. As Chad soaps up his huge, uncut cock, Brett pulls out his own and pulls on it. Soon the two hop on the sofa and Brett mouths his tool, watching himself in front of a mirror that Brett kneels near. Chad Johnson crams his meat into Brett Simm's butt and long dicks him hard, ending by shooting his load all over the camera lens (shot in slow-motion). Brett blows his own huge load too, seen through the cum-covered lens on which Chad spewed.

Next, in a sleazy three-way, Pierce Daniels gets a vigorous butt-pounding by Chaz Holderman while he's swallowing Chad's hard-on (he swallows all of it too, only matched (at least on video) by Gino Del Mar in that feat). Strong jabs encompass this hot fuck and the camera zooms in to show him pulling all the way out of Pierce's hole. The tops trade places and Chad plunges the bottom hard, increasing potency as he goes.

Matt Romero (who is often billed as Matt Hawks) gets his asshole sucked and finger-fucked by handsome and hairy-chested Morgan Hunter. They alternate blowing each other and 69ing together before cumming.

Moving right along, the camera zeros in on Cole Taylor's crack while he's on the receiving end of anal intercourse with Chad. Several hard jabs and a worn-out ass end with Chad blowing in slow-motion over his butt. Eschewing plot and characterization, "Perfect Ten" is solid sex from start to finish. Pacing is steady, camerawork and lighting are fine, and the roving voyeuristic lens gives Perfect Ten a sweaty, oozing, obsessive, up-close look. This is the kind of video you can almost smell.", Adult Video News. This reviewer warmly recommends this true especially if you like you close-ups big and your ass filled hard with huge dick.


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