Rear End Collision 1 - Pop A Gasket

Description: HOT NEW FILM, Rear End Collision # 1: Pop A Gasket!, Shocks Nation! Over-the-Top Movie Has Tails Wagging from Coast to Coast! Dateline San Francisco: Raging Stallion Studios shocked the nation with the release of Director Chris Ward's Fall Motorcycle Fisting Masterpiece. Housewives are heading to the hills while curious men stand wide-eyed in long lines outside neighborhood theaters. Everyone has an opinion, but all agree that this is the most invasive all-anal film ever released. As act after depraved act unfolds on the screen, mouths are dropping and dicks are dripping from what will surely be The Fetish Movie of the Year! As other studios run for cover to join the gals in the hinterland, the men of Rear End Collision stand proud as the filthiest and finest fisters in the land. They are fast becoming new role models to legions of American youth!,.
One source (who remains unnamed because he was sworn to secrecy in order to get an advance viewing of this all-ass thriller) commented that he had never before seen so many grungy garage grease monkeys get it on at one time. Panting, he told us that "this movie has everything from a solo to a five way and everything in between. Toys, Hands, Cocks, Arms, Tools, Cans of Oil - you name it and it goes up someone's hungry hole! How do they do that??? Holy moly! " This reporter was able to procure a bootleg copy of Rear End Collision from a source who actually fisted his own ass in the theatre while watching the film for the first time. I can report that everything you have heard is true - this is THE FETISH MOVIE OF THE YEAR! This is the First Review ever published and is our Scoop of the Decade!!

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