Smooth Moves - First Class Male-By Attraction

After a hard and throbbing day's work they hit the shower, tub and the jaccuzzi for some

It's Brandon's moving day . . . SMOOTH MOVES begin when his planned help fails to arrive. In desperation he seeks outside help and discovers two more-than-willing cute soccer players in the park. Bobby and Sandy quickly turn the tables on him. There is an abundance of shower, tub and jacuzzi scenes as the "smooth movers" cleanup after a hard day of moving.



Huge erections and arcing cumshots highlight this flick detailing Brandon Wells' moving day. Two friends are asked to help, but they're too busy fucking, so Brandon asks Sandy Bleu and his good friend, who say yes, but end up whacking off and sucking each others' cocks. Brandon and Sandy clean up in the shower, them move to the hot tub for more cocksucking. Then Brandon fucks Sandy with both his dick and a dildo. Good young Rodney ends the film with a solo and a dildo up his ass.

One Bijou reviewer wrote:

Apart from one crotch-popping interlude, this movie is nothing to write home about. Brandon Wells waits for two friends who are supposed to help him on moving day, but they are preoccupied with fucking one another.

Brandon then gets Sandy Bleu and his friend to help him move. Sandy gets off by looking at a copy of Playboy, and his pal joins him for j/o and cocksucking. The blowjobs are accompanied by lyrical, romantic piano music.

Later, Brandon and Sandy shower together before getting into a hot tub for more blow jobs. Brandon also fucks Sandy with a dildo and his dick, but ther are no penetration shots, and no condom is in evidence. But Brandon sports a huge erection after fucking, and his cumshot arcing across Sandy's back and butt is spectacular. This memorable gusher is repeated in both slow and regular motion.

Rodney, the cutest guy in a video full of otherwise homely ?newcomers,? ends it with a solo session of j/o and more butt-fucking with a dildo. He tastes his own cum after playing with his little, uncut pecker which remains limp despite lots of stroking.

This second-quality video suffers from faded, fuzzy pictures and boring sex which is mostly jerking off and sucking soft cocks.

A second volume is available for those who can't get enough of skinny, long-haired young models playing with their dinky things.

Originally in 1991.

Remastered onto DVD in 2011 by Bijou Video, which has corrected some of the original picture fuzziness.

NOTE: Models on Bijou cover do not match those in video.

Stars: Bobby Cummings, Brandon Wells, Chel, Keith Bradshaw, Rodney

Director: Peter Hunter

Released: c1989 or 1991 (Sources vary)

File size: 1.0 GB

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