Something Wild / Nova Films / 1984

Studio: Nova Films
Cast: Scott Avery, Glen Armstrong, Brian Michaels, Gavin Burke, Wade Davis, Randy Page, Eliot Higgins
Director: Robert Walters
Genre: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1984
Runtime: 116 min
Country: US
Description: Ever feel like a piece of meat and like it? It's Spring Break in the High Sierra, and the time for backpacking buddies to get back to nature. Nippy nights around a blazing campfire... rousing horny stories... these buddies are primed for Something Wild.

Curly blond Scott Avery and Glen Armstrong are two backpackers exchanging sex stories. The first story has them spying on two long-haired guys having sex in a hidden cabin who end by blowing into each other's mouths. The next (at times humorous) story shows well-muscled handsome Gavin Burke sucking and fucking with a black college professor (Eliot Higgins) in the stacks of the library. Burke sucks himself and eats his own jism while having his tight white cheeks pummeled by the professor's long black boner.

The third story has husky Armstrong applying for a warehouse position and being told that there is a lot of sex at the place. A worker pair are seen coming on to each other by the bossman (redheaded, super-hung Wade Davis) and another worker (all-American Brian Michaels), and they get turned on to each other in the process. Davis plows Michaels to a mutual orgasm, and they are joined by the other duo for a daisy chain four-way.

The fourth scene is back to the interview, where Armstrong is initiated into a jerking, sucking, rimming, fucking repertoire with Davis' huge tool. Story five is about kissing cousins: country Avery leads his city cousin (square-jawed and naturally built Randy Page) into a step-by-fuck-step to mutual orgasm. The two backpackers get excited and have sex in their tent themselves during the final scene.



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