Studio 2000 - In Too Deep

Year: 2007

Country: US

Studio : Studio 2000

Cast: Dominik Rider, Park Wiley, Tristan Mathews, Kyle Aames, Bobby Williams, Lex Sabre, Nick Marino, Mario Cruz

Director: Andre Adair

1. IN TOO DEEP kicks off with the sizzling chemistry between musclebod Dominik Rider and too-cute Tristan Mathews. They passionately kiss poolside, tuning out the world as they progress to traded blowjobs and finally Dominik plugging Tristan's tight hole as if he can't get enough. Tristan's moans of pleasure set the stage for the action to come (turn up the sound and let your neighbors think you're having your own noisy sex party!)

2. A castwide orgy is next and we jump right into the action: Park Wiley rides swarthy hunk Nick Marino; blond ex-Marine Kyle Aames humps Dominik Rider; superbottom Bobby Williams blows awesomely hung Lex Sabre; and Tristan Mathews happily sucks off the built-for-sex hottie Mario Cruz. Once again, no hole goes unfilled for long as these eight horndogs trade blowjobs, kiss with real passion, and plunge their cocks deep into willing holes.

3. After this group action, the men begin pairing off. First up is scorching duo between Nick Marino and Bobby Williams. (These two weren't originally scheduled for a duo scene, but their chemistry was so apparent off-camera they approached Studio 2000 and asked to be paired together.) Bobby's ecstatic yowling as Nick, growling passionately in Spanish, pounds away is a highlight of the film.

4. Despite banging Bobby, Nick isn't quite finished: He sits back as Park Wiley returns for more fucking, followed by the ravenous Dominik Rider. When they're finished with Nick, Dominik bends over for Park while Kyle Aames turns up for a go inside Bobby. Their poolside groans of pleasure, particularly Bobby's, is especially boner-inducing.

5. Ah, but they're not quite done with each other yet! The men come together for one final group-bang, kissing and jacking each other's stiff cocks into readiness for more fucking. Nick and Park smooch, while Dominik and Bobby make out and Mario happily finds himself between Tristan and Lex. The traded blowjobs and fucking (Park tops Tristan, Lex humps Mario) culminate in an amazing double-penetration as Lex slides his thick tree-trunk of a cock inside Park's stretchable hole together with Mario's formidable sword.

6. Their afternoon orgy nearly complete, the men group together around an excited Tristan Mathews and work themselves to climax. Moaning and groaning mightily, one after another they splash Tristan's face, neck and torso with spooge, coating him with cum until Tristan happily pops his own load. (And so will you!)

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