The Destroying Angel / Hand-in-Hand Films / 1976

Studio: Hand-in-Hand Films, Bijou Classics
Cast: Tim Kent, Alain Monceau, Bill Eld, Billy White, Evan DeBraye, Glenn Middleton, Paul Eden, Philip Darden, Rick Scott, Thom Aaron
Director: Peter DeRome
Genre: Controversial, Detailed Plot, Story or Theme, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1976
Runtime: 62 min
Country: US
Director Peter DeRome deftly balances story, emotion, and intense sex in The Destroying Angel, bringing a distinct artistic flair to a feature packed with multiple orgasms, raucous orgies, and powerful masculinity. Taking nearly a year to complete, The Destroying Angel's twenty-two scenes were shot over the course of sixteen days in nineteen locations, including Montauk Point, Christopher Street, and even an 18th-century cemetery.

Tim Kent plays Caswell Campbell, a seminarian wrestling with a conflict, torn between the call to the cloth and his own repressed feelings luring him to homosexual sex. During a three month sabbatical from the order, he is offered a mysterious mushroom. After a single bite, Caswell witnesses a sexual adventure unlike anything he has ever known, and his world opens up to infinite erotic possibilities. Taunted by glimpses of his alter-ego, Caswell is drawn into a nightmare world of hallucinogenic drugs and supernatural sex

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