Triga Films - Barrack Lads

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Triga Films
Genres: masturbation, oral, anal, interracial, doll fucking, fetish, uniform

East European Army guys whipping out their todgers and tossing off for our pleasure! The first solo scene involves a cute shaven-headed soldier, who strips out of his uniform and gets to grips with himself... a quick wank and he splashes creamy white cum over his belly. Next, he's waving his tattooed arse in the air as he humps the bed, then it's time for another wank, this time squirting over his leg. Next up is a guy lying on a bed with his hand thrust down his white undies, giving his cock a good stroking. Then he's stood up doing the same, then back on the bed for a bed-hump until the final glop gets him spooging over his left thigh. Back on the camp bed, a black guy and a white guy help each other undress, at which point the white guy pounces on the black guy, sucking his nipple and massaging his cock, before going in for the kill with a hefty blow-job. The black guy, suitably hardened then plows the white guys arse - you can hear the ripples of pleasure as the white guy moans and groans his way through a first-class fucking - until finally the black guy stands over the white guys face and shoots great gobs of cum all over the place. Next up is a cute young Red Beret, lying on the bed with his hand thrust into his briefs. They soon come off as he gives his cock and balls a good stroking... after a fair bit of wanking and some 'Russell Crowe' looks to the camera, he humps the bed then turns over, works up a sweat and creams all over his fingers and balls. Then after another quick wank, he arches his whole body and squirts a creamy white mess over the bed. And then, virile young thing that he is, doesn't he go and do it all over again, this time messing up his pubes!

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Format: avi
Duration: 01:17:11
Video: 512x384, XviD, 1268 kbps
Audio: 32 kbps

File size: 700.0 MB

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