Young Squaddies

Studio: High Octane
Cast: Blake Vacakol, Brandon Babos, Daniel Magam, Fred Fele, Gabriel Galad, Luis Badog, Luis Landzsa, Luke Jarkal, Luke Vador, Michael Sarlo, Patrick Kacer, Thierry Golyo, Tyler Savas, Zoltan Sapka
Director: Herve Bodilis

Bandoleer-draped Bodilis muscle men on hormone overload conduct antiterrorism exercises, blasting into buildings to root out snipers in Young Squaddies (also known as Commandos). Gung-ho by day, they're man hungry horn dogs off duty, and sometimes on. Cute pup Kacer patrols a rooftop as Sarlo on camouflage netting. After erotic foreplay Kacer plugs Sarlo doggy style, plowing downward like a pile driver. Sarlo strokes himself furiously, halting short of climax to make it last. He explodes in awesome streams then twists around to kiss Kacer, torso still cock-locked in place. Jarkal's machine gun fire summons the squadron for inspection. Squadron leader Sapka thrusts his rifle butt into Fele's stomach. Fele doesn't mind as he's sprung a huge woody. Sapka dog fucks him while Fele sucks fellow soldier Badog. Badog buries his sausage in Fele's foxy hole and grinds his hips so his cock digs all around inside Fele's hole. Magam gets horny patrolling the court yard at night and seduces sleeping Vacakol and Babos in a sizzling threeway. Magam's shaft pokes into Babos's mouth forcefully, his cock head outlined in Babos's bulging cheeks. Savas and Vador make the most of down time while on inside watch. Vador face fucks Savas, clinching his dimpled ass cheeks. Savas turns and leans on the sill so Vador can dry hump his crack and fuck him doggy style, moving like a hydraulic drill, audibly smacking butt cheeks. Savas flips over for missionaryand shoots his load while getting fucked. Jarkal returns with Golyo, Galad and Landzsa for the closing scene, a no-holes-barred fuck fest that will leave you breathless. A rifle cleaning session dissolves into man handling. They caress and undress, pair off for blow jobs then trade partners. Golyo's popular hole is invaded first by Landzsa then by Jarkal. Galad and Golyo 69, and Jarkal continues fucking Golyo's perky butt. Landzsa flogs his boner toward Golyo's face, reaching to paw at Golyo's ass as though checking a melon for ripeness. They writhe with passion until exploding, assisted by tongues probing butt cracks and lips pulling on ball sacs!

Format: avi
Duration: 01:56:05
Video: 512x384, XviD, 1056 kbps
Audio: 32 kbps

File size: 999.7 MB

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