The Art of Touch 2, a Taoist Erotic Massage

Year: 1993
Length: 00:55:45

Description: Taoist Erotic Massage is widely considered to be the most and sensual of all the Oriental massages - a massage that redefines the sexual experience. You will learn - with the help of six 'hand picked' models from around the world - how to connect your human form with the universe.The Art of Touch 2 was shot using state-of-the-art 3-D technology; giving it a stunning and beautiful quality.
Elevate your massage skills to the next level with a Taoist Erotic massage! A cast of six international models demonstrates the secret methods of channeling sexual energy and enhancing the intimacy between you and your partner. Shot in a revolutionary 3-D technique to enhance the learning process (glasses included, though not necessary - this breathtaking experience is viewed just as well in two dimensions!) this video will show you exactly how to unlock sensual ecstasy!

File size: 521.2 MB
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