Bijou - Bulging Jockstraps

Remember when porno films where called "educational films"? Well, Bulging Jockstraps, part documentary, part embarrassment of riches for jockstrap fetishists, could actually be as educational.

The first few minutes covers the history of athletic supporters in great detail, with some awesome vintage advertisements and images of models in obsolete "suspensory bandages.

That uniquely male garment, the jockstrap, is the subject of this unusual narrated video that is part documentary, part jack-off exhibition, and part flat-out, ball-busting sex.

File name: 022xgf_7vid_7410.mp4
Duration : 01:10:31
Resolution : 480x360
Video : MPEG-4 Visual (MPEG-4 Visual), 1 503 Kbps, 29.733 fps

File size: 825.0 MB

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