DaVinci Body Series Volume One: Upper Body Workout

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Genre: Erotic, Athletic, Nude, Sport
Length: 00:55:24

Description: DaVinci Body Series - Upper Body Workout
Five beautiful men bare it all to show you the first ever exercise experience that is both informative and visually intriguing!
From a warm-up stretch routine performed by a championship gymnast, to a rigorous triceps program demonstrated by a national heavyweight bodybuilder,
you will be taken through a complete conditioning routine for the upper body performed fully nude.
We re certain you ll enjoy watching our handsome models as they exhibit a variety of warm-up techniques,
and engage in a series of over twenty different intense workouts designed to focus on the abdominals, chest, shoulders and triceps.
Our narrator will give you step-by-step instructional details, describing each exercise and movement in-depth,
while our five gorgeous men show you some Leonardo Da Vinci secrets to physical perfection for the modern renaissance man.

File size: 773.7 MB
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