Polish Pleasures

Release Year: 2003
Studio: Oh Man! Studios
Cast: Tadek Mordzialek, Zygmult Hrysiewicz, Casimir Radomski, Leopold Frackowiak, Henry Fleischmann, Alberto De LaHavana, Stanislas Szcczesny, Giovanni Carreras, Oleh Grzegorzki, Casimir Szymanski
Genres: Euro Feature Outdoors Anal Safe Sex

Description: Mostly filmed in rural Poland, Polish Pleasures transports you to a land of unequalled romanticism where secret passions run high. Hidden pleasures are being consumed over the wailing of the violin. It is a dance with Polish devils, a dance with the most beautiful, fiendishly endowed angels of darkness. A dance that will end with your destruction.

File size: 892.0 MB

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