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New boy in town Knight gets involved in the street trade after some advice from a campy Woodlawn. Young picks up Cummings and takes him to a nearby alley, where after a bit of oral, Young announces that he is a cop. Cummings talks him out of a bust and into his ass and all is forgiven. Knight joins Parker and Hall as nude dancers in a small club, complete with an audience. Hall tops Parker and then all three jerk off in the direction of the audience. Knight then tops Parker back at his place and gives himself a facial while being fucked. Megadick Dean, here without a shirt and showing his back in a rare moment of total nudity, spits out a big load after topping Yaeger on a sofa. Winters, Donovan, Clover and Yaeger take turns fucking the hell out of twinkie Dillon, who is hung up in a sling. Dillon gets facials, spanked, a string of beads up his ass and is generally made a pig of in a rather nice leather scene. Dillon then bottoms for Skylar, who doesn't get off, by the pool. Ashley and Knight trade barbs in a hotel room, before settling on who is in charge, with Knight as top. Maverick, as a room service waiter, watches from the hallway and jerks off in a solo. For a 89 min movie, it's jampacked with nice dicks, bods, faces and more sex than you can stand. Woodlawn is a hoot in the opening scene.

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