Better than Ever (Surge Men) / Al Parker Production / 1986

Studio: Al Parker Production
Cast: Joe Cade, Brian Adams, Justin Cade, Pierce Daniels, Mike Dean, Nick Fabrini, David DeBello, Al Parker, James Williams, Ken Harmon, Matthew Parks
Director: Al Parker
Genre: Vintage, Bodybuilders, Ethnic, Extreme Sex, Fetish/Kink, Hairy Guys, No Condom, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1986
Runtime: 59 min
Country: US
Description: Another collection of top "performances" culled from Al Parker's cum-laden episodes taken from his Surge Studios and Al Parker Productions line of pre-condom fuck flicks. Lots of flexing muscles and mustaches, topped with the fact that the cast is all uniformly butch and built, and no shaving or waxing allowed. If the thought of "daddy" gets your crotch soaked, this should more than satisfy.



File size: 882.9 MB

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