Flesh And Fantasy / Catalina / 1984

Studio: Catalina
Cast: Mike Cole, Jim Bataglia, John Charles, Duff Paxton, Bob Moore, Sam Benson, Rob Stevens, Randy Gutzman, Gary Silverman, Jim Klamm
Director: Lancer Brooks
Genre: pre-condom, big dicks, bareback, vintage, masculine men
Year: 1984
Runtime: 80 min
Country: USA
From producer William Higgins and director Lancer Brooks (aka Tom De Simone), it's not quite what I expected, but it's good stuff nonetheless.

Jim Bataglia and Bob work each other up and down in a hot tub; Gary and John fuck around in an office - and call in delivery man Jim Klamm (dropping off a package and a load) for an intense threeway; and a shagadelic fur rug figures in the next scene. The best was last: Rob and Mike practically rape their boss (Randy) in their company's workshop. Manly stripping off of clothes, just enough protesting to make it a turn-on yet not offensive, and a truly massive rump-diddler makes its way into Randy's nether-regions.

Foreskin fans will be chompin' at the bit, too. -- Keeneye Reeves



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