Terrible Trilogy (1982-1985)

Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Biker Dudes, BDSM, Fisting, Fetish, Douching/Enemas, Foreign Objects/Getting Creative, Flogging/Whipping, Piercing, Leather, Pissing, Group Sex, Tattoo, Medical/Playing Doctor
Starring: Leather Rick, Snip, Donut
Studio: Bijou Classics

Under the Lash introduces a man with a number of large piercing in his cock and balls, and Leather Rick systematically flogs his piercing.
Through the Flood has Snip being suspended by chains above a bathtub as he is given a wine enema and repeatedly pissed on by eight men. Did I say he sucks cock through it all? You will also see the man with all the piercing piss; he pretty much pisses everywhere; he is human garden hose.
Out of the Womb records the first anal child birth in the history of the world. You will see the doctor make the delivery as he puts his hands into Donut's ass to bring along the birth. Like all good doctors, he will spank the baby with a leather paddle and put a cock ring around his neck (it's a boy), then give the baby to the proud father/mother. This is to absurd to miss; as they say, seeing is believing! Enjoy!..

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