Getting It / Bijou Video / 1985

Studio: Bijou Video
Cast: Alec Wayne, Bart Abrams, Biff Warner, Brandon Wilde, Brett Harris, Chris Allen
Director: Philip St. John
Genre: Vintage, General Hardcore
Year: 1985
Runtime: 87 min
Country: US
Description: Jim Bentley has the hots for roommate Shawn Michaels (who wouldn't after the sexy way he puts his short short running shorts on?). They are supposed to go to a party (guys only, who only talk about wanting chicks) but Shawn takes off with some chick before they get there, and Jim gets stoned in a van with two blond guys, who notice his hardon and can't help themselves. Later at the party, Shawn catches Chris Allen looking at his dick, and to "punish" him, he makes him suck it. Then a bunch of guys line up to screw someone near the pool, and some other guys have sex upstairs, and of course there's the fantasy scen (you can tell it's a fantasy, since there's a smoke machine blowing while guys are in leather gear). The theme song, "Getting It" - it totally rocks.



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