Pacific Coast Highway (1981)

Troy Richards, Steven Richards, Kip Noll, Jeremy Scott, Jack Burke, Scott Anderson, Ben Barker, Jeff Hunter, Buddy Preston, Dan Rockford, J.W. King, Steve Savage

"The fantasy and promise of the world resides in Southern California, where golden, godlike boys succumb to primal procreative impulses locked in one another's arms, flesh and mouths... tracing configurations of lust in celluoid.
In gleaming succession eleven youths including superstar Kip Noll juxtapose one against the other's affection, kisses and sweat in an ecstatic series of incensed seminal explosions.
Take a trip down the coast with Kip Noll and Jeremy Scott, and along the way join in their outdoor summer sexfest of cock munching and rump busting. When Kip, Jeremy and the guys aren't at the beach or taking long hikes in the hills, they're gettin' naked and gettin' down to some man-nasty sex action.
Scenes include Buddy and Dan by a waterfall, Kip and Jeremy in a waterfall as well, Kip, Jeremy and Steve Richards in a jeep, J.W. King and Troy Richards by a stream, Steve Richards, Scott Anderson and Jeff Hunter in an explosive threeway on the beach and Troy Richards and Steve Savage making their own "pup tent" on the beach. This pair puts a new meaning in the term Brotherly Love!"

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