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Angelic Cory Miles is having a bad day, most of it spent filling out an accident report with Officer Castillo (Brazilian beefcake Eric Moreno). As he relates the particulars of the "rear-ending" that began his string of bad luck, the events unfold before us...
Cory, on his way to a blind-date, gets rear-ended by Brad Hunt, causing him to strike pedestrian Ryder Scott. When Cory gets a load of Brad, he fantasizes about the kind of rear-ending he'd really like to get.
Ryder, raging mad at Cory Miles for striking him, goes to his artist friend Rip Stone to call the cops. He discovers Rip painting himself; together they "rip the canvas apart".
Cory gets towed to a body shop to get an estimate for repairs from two very frisky mechanics Jackson Phillips and Randy Mixer. While Cory waits for the estimate, Jackson and Randy work over each others' chassis. Cory calls to beg forgiveness of his blind date Beau Saxon but only reaches Luc Russell's answering machine. While he leaves a message, the blind date is blazing a trail to his bedroom with Luc - someone he mistakes for Cory.
After missing out on his blind date, wasting time at the body shop and feeling guilty about hitting a pedestrian, Cory ends his fatiguing day at the police station by getting treated to the sympathetic 'hands' of Officer Castillo.

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