Lustful Paradise - Surfside Studios

Cast: Jason Cruise, Lon Flexx, Geoffrey Spears, Stan The Man (aka Chris Waters), Evan Stevens, Joey, Jerry
Director: Rick Warner

Cruise gets off a plane in Hawaii, just off work as a flight attendant. Back home at his hi-rise apartment, he jerks off on the balcony while watching two other guys through binoculars: cute studpuppy, Lon Flexx and Geofffery Spears. The two fuck and suck, with Spears deep-throating Flex and then taking it all up his pretty ass. Back to Cruise, now in a chair, dressed in a lei, fingering and spanking his own ass, saying, "Spank me, dad" (be right over), then inserting a rather large dildo where the fingers don't reach. The small load is a disappointment, but what the heck.
Evan and Joey fuck each other, spanking a bit in between, in what would be another forgetful scene if they both weren't so nice to look at. A cute, young thing with pouty lips fucks his pillow, then shoots a good, but poorly photographed, load, in a solo. Jerry, the very handsome cover boy, is picked up hitchhiking by Cruise, who invites him home. Six beers later, Jerry jacks off on the sofa, good load, while Cruise watches from a balcony above. Evan then does a dull solo on the floor next to his skateboard and shoots a nice load. Bad direction, no plot, stupid special effects and bad camera angles, but it made the grade.

File size: 864.3 MB

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