ShotGun Video 49: Breaking Point

Production year: 2000s, the
Country: US
Genre: Amateur, S / M, Leather, Masturbation, Solos, Kink, Buffet
Duration: 1:38:02
Directed by: none available
Studio: Shotgun Video
Starring: Derek DeSilva

We got a call from a truly hot guy, Derek de Silva, with a challenge we couldn't pass up. No matter how much you hurt me, a he said, "No matter how much you slug me, right in the nuts - as hard as you want - I can TAKE it". This kind of opening sentence is a great way to begin phone conversations! "I don't even need to be tied down - you can slug me all day", he continued. So we did, and taped all of it. There was so much good action that the DVD is nearly two hours, and Derek was as good as his word - this guy IS tough! Derek has a terrific bod, muscular and defined, nice dick, huge load, and he's a masculine, handsome guy. Funny thing, though, his balls are surprisingly sensitive for a guy who likes 'em hit so hard they swell up after the first fifty hits. Of course, we didn't stop there, but give Derek credit, he took it all, and took even more after he shot. By that time, he was actually in tears, literally sobbing in pain, but when he puts his word on the line, he means it! This is one of the toughest guys we've ever shown, and the fact that he's young, built, and stubborn as hell makes the tape riveting. We want to warn you, this is not one of our milder tapes, this is a brutal ball bashing even by Shotgun standards, and it's by and for adults ONLY!

File size: 1.0 GB

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