Produced in: 1996
Country: USA
Genre: Masturbation; Cumshots; Oral/Anal Sex; Hairy
Duration: 01:34:23
Director: Jeff Kincaid
Studio: All Worlds Video

Kyle McKenna, Blue Blake, Cole Reece, Eric York, Jack Simmons, Jesse Tyler, Joey Carr, Mike Lamas, Nic Collins, Paul Carrigan, Ryan Block.

"The pre-game workout. Football-playing homos and homophobes add some new rules to the game, and then proceed to break them, in this twist on the ol' pigskin-toss. Raunchy director Jeff Kincaid is back with more hot sex than you can shake your dick at. Kyle McKenna gets more than man-handled behind bars. These boys want nothing more than big dicks and tight ends!"

Video quality: VHSRip
Video format: MPEG
Video codec: MPEG1
Audio codec: WMA
Video: MPEG1 Video 352x240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1150kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224kbps

File size: 941.6 MB

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