Cadet School

Description:In Cadet School, eight horny guys attend military officer's training school but end up learning more about making love than making war. Officer Petr Pec keeps cadet Ivan Plop after to fuck him. Then, back at the barracks, cadet Rostislav Olchava fucks fellow cadet Jiri Lener with a maneuver he learned in school that day. While cadet Alois Kelusak wants to try on a new uniform, cadet Michal Pokorny helps himself to Alois' butt. Everyone graduates from Cadet School when cadet Ivan Plop re-appears as the bottom in a three-way with his two friends Kynek Pala and Martin Sekera.

2001, 90 min

Country: Czech Republic

Studio : C.D.S. Productions, distributed by Foerster Media

Cast: Petr Pec, Ivan Plop, Rostislav Olchava, Jiri Lener, Alois Kelusak, Michal Pokorny, Kynek Pala, Martin Sekera

Director: Joshua Kane, Sam Williams

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