Year: 2005
Country: Brazil
Genre: Latinos, Twinks, Anal / Oral Sex, Big Dicks, Jocks, Muscle, Threesome, Cumshots, Compilation, DVDRip
Length: 1:45:11

Description: Chad sucks Manuel's cock first through his camouflage pants, then in the flesh, exposing his massive curved dick that looks like a slightly bent baseball bat. By the time they are completely naked (except for Manuel's military hat) they move from the couch to the bed and Manuel lightly and erotically spanks Luis's ass before he starts to plow his curved pole into him. Luis's heavy cock and balls swing with the fucking motion until gobs of white cum spurt all over this beautiful, dark-brown skin. Manuel then cums, adding his jiz to the white warm mix of man-milk.

File size: 969.1 MB

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