Year: 1997
Country: USA
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Classic
Length: 01:25:56
Director: Derek Kent

Next to Halloween, Valentine's Day is fast emerging as one of the favorite gay holidays of the year. Of course, most holidays are favorites in our community as they represent days of celebration and celebrating is something that we do best especially here at STUDIO 2000. Even so, Valentine's Day is a special celebration since the thing that it celebrates is love, romance and caring--feelings, conditions and commitments that are very dear to us. So before Spring when the sap of lust rises hungrily in us, we celebrate that thing beyond lust that is Valentine's Day.
In keeping with this special time comes our newest STUDIO 2000 Hand Of Fate, celebrating the many seasons of love--love among friends, the bittersweet end of love lost love on the cheap side, and, most important the romance and excitement of new love and the joy, hope and insanity it brings.
1997 was an especially rich year for the emergence of exciting young performers in gay adult entertainment. Along with our own very special Jeff White, one young man stood out in the crowd--Richie Fine. We didn't get around to capturing his very special qualities as soon as we might have liked but when we did catch up with him and cast him in Hand Of Fate, we got lucky. The results are the right guy in the right role at the right time.
In Hand Of Fate Richie is cast as Raymond, a young man who has been living for a number of years in a with Darren (Chris Rock) who is a few years his senior. Raymond is devoted to his lover and accepts Darren's selfishness, superiority and promiscuity as givens in the situation. Early one morning, Raymond wakes Darren a bit earlier than usual and coaxes him into one of their increasingly rare moments of lovemaking. It is only when they are making love that Darren accepts Raymond as an equal. As these two hot men mold their bodies together, tenderness and passion, gentleness and intensity, ebb and flow between them in a beautiful and arousing coupling that is the stuff of true sex.

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