Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Cock, Group Sex, Masturbation, Tattoo, Threesomes
Starring: David Grant, Ian Roberts, Jay Richards, Karl Thomas, Keith Douglas, Rick Swayze, Rod Steele, Storm
Studio: Bijou Classics, New Jersey Trash

Robert Prion is out with another film full of sweet, young "thangs" who have endowments worth flaunting. This nine-scene video starts out hot and builds to a fevered frenzy by the end, with the numbers of participants in each scene increasing with the bat of an eye.
The first scene opens with a curly-haired, brunette beefcake Rick Swayze. Disco music provides the background for the action as the beefcake sits atop the toilet, strips and rubs his ass and gyrates his a big, upturned cock.
Once the business is over, the movie returns to Storm as he answers the door to admit David Grant and Ian Roberts. The three form a rectal tripod, eating ass as each person pulls his own pud. Prion artfully uses a circle blackout, with Grant's rod being rammed into Storm's hairy hole, while Ian acts like he's been Krazy-glued to Grant's ass. Prion uses these blackouts to emphasize the cock-in-your-face shots, while doing a number of close-angle-penetrations that are so close you can almost feel the ass-cheek hairs.
Next, Swayze is joined in his basement by a big and mature man - actor Jay Richards. Robert Prion gets some action in the next scene, which takes place in a powder blue setting. Basically, Prion investigates a computer geek's (played by Karl Thomas) inner chamber, after both gobble and lick and nibble profusely, to the point of having a pleasurably moist face.
Next, Rod Steele and Keith Douglas meet as Steele stretches his well-defined body while leaning against a wall. This sequence could be entitled "Opposites Attract" because Steele is a hairy-butt, Italian stud kind of guy, with a gold pinky ring, a tattoo on each bicep, three earrings, and a turquoise thong. Initially, there's a lot of oral cock and ball action, followed by a five-way complete with beefy guys, which culminates with three guys cumming all over two men on their backs. More sex and lots for your money follow! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:38:11
Resolution: 352x264

File size: 724.9 MB

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