Sing it, guys! Another in director Matt Sterling's offshoot titles (this time directed by Jeff Corey aka Marc Frederics), the plot is reed-thin, but some of the sex rocked my cock. Cover model Eric Moreno (here going by Ray DeVasquez) is so easy on the eyes he makes my crotch go ballistic every time; some of the other guys here you'll recognize as faves, too. (Why the director gave them all such stupid surnames can only be answered by nervous-nellie studio execs.) Standard campus plot (and room switching) gives way to some great looking guys trapped with not alot to do; very vanilla sex in other words. I found it pretty tepid - and I'll watch anything with Mr. Moreno in it. It remains quite popular and it still makes the cream crank for some, so check it out.
In When a Man Wants a Man, horny college students living off-campus let off some steam during finals week with wild sex. Brant James pile-drives Peter Bishop in bed after a rousing game of pool at the local Student Union, but make so much noise that they turn on their next door neighbor, Gavin Michaels. Gavin tosses and turns before he bottoms for his roommate Mario Montero. Ray DeVasquez (aka Eric Moreno) shows up in a leather vest and jeans to top Dean Johnson who's tired of studying and needs a break. Gavin is back to take a spill on his roller skates in the park in front of picnicking Joe Ruffini who takes him home to top him. Ray returns to top his boyfriend David Thompson in bed.

Cast: Ray DeVasquez, David Thompson, Brant James, Peter Bishop, Gavin Michaels, Mario Montero, Joe Ruffini, Dean Johnson

Duration : 01:14:36
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