Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Big Cock, Muscle Men, Flexing/Posing, Theme: Fantasy/Ghosts/Sci-Fi/Surreal
Starring: Chance Caldwell, Thom Payne, Chad Knight, Trevor Hansen, Brett Winters, Drew Kelly, Rick Coleman, Ace Moorcock, Rocque
Studio: Sierra Pacific

Called to Heaven but died ahead of his time. To redeem his prior life he needs to set things straight. And these events just happen to be past sexual encounters. Starring, Chance Caldwell at his biggest and best, Thom Payne (aka Tom Katt), Trevor Hansen, Chad Knight, Brett Winters, Drew Kelly, Rick Coleman, and Ace Moorcock as the the devil. It's ninety minutes of continuous hard action. Enjoy!..

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Duration: 01:24:39
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