Carlito is interested in trying to be "versatile" with the same guy, meaning each takes turns at top and bottom for each other. He first hooks up with June who turns out to be a bottom. He rims June, then tops in various positions before shooting a huge load all over his stomach. Next, Carlito, still yearning for some dick up his own butt, bottoms for black stallion Black Hercules whose exclusively top. Then, Carlito calls his friend Shorty J to exchange some sex stories and see if he knows of anyone who's willing to be versatile with him. Shorty tells Carlito about his adventures taking turns topping and bottoming the time he hooked up with Marcus. The two are unexpectedly interrupted by the hot new comer Static for a 3-way; then when Marcus leaves, Taino shows up for a new 3-way with Shorty J. and Static. Finally, Shorty J and Carlito hook up and take turns topping and bottoming for each other!

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