Release Date: Jul 08, 2006

Stars: Dreamboat, Vratislav Engel, Fido, Ladislav Habuk, Gasman, Otto Horyna

Duration: 01:56:05

Resolution: 720x480

File Size: 760 MB

Video quality: DVDRip

Description: First time with a guy! Nervous and shy! Watch our horny lads give it a try!

They might be horny as hell - but innocent young Czech guys often need a friend to get the best out of them. Watch as our nervous recruit really rise to the occasion - and definitely produce their best in this fifth installment of the Helping Hands series.

This is the only Dreamboat video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Fido, Vratislav Engel, Ladislav Habuk, Otto Horyna.

Screenshots in medium & original frames:

File size: 760.1 MB

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