Release Date: 1988

Stars: Dany Brown, Frederic Laroche, Kemal Rais, Angelo Despaz, Driss Rachid, Assan Ariana

Duration: 01:36:29

Resolution: 720x540

File Size: 908.2 MB


The star of La Main Au Feu is sexy French thief Danny Brown, who steals men's hearts as well as their transportation. Driving along a forested mountain road, Danny is stopped by blond policeman Frederic LaRoche. Soon the two men are trading blowjobs and fucking each other in the woods.

More couplings occur in the rocky setting as Danny encounters two willing Latin and Arab youths. After mutual cocksucking and fucking, Danny steals Angelo Despaz's bike, then Driss Rachid's jeep after being plowed by Rachid's dark cock.

Danny stumbles upon Kemal Rais and Assan Ariana making out in a tent, and joins them for a buttfucking with a thick dildo and stiff dicks.

After getting their own rocks off, Angelo and Rachid and catch up with Danny and capture him. Along with Rais and Ariana the five men plug mouths and assholes with tongues and cocks in a well orchestrated orgy, being leaving Danny tied up, naked and spreadeagled for cop LaRouche to find.

This intriguing film has all the Cadinot trademarks, including a charming, energetic international cast who make love as if there was no tomorrow.

Screenshots in medium & original frames:

File size: 908.3 MB

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