Year of manufacture:1991
Genre: Plot Based, Teen, Anal, Oral, Threesome, Outdoor Sex, Classic
In roles: Dallas Taylor, Scott Hogan, Chad Knight, Brett Winters, Craig Slater, Jason Hunter, Randy Rider, Nathan Rocco
Description:This solid, very good film pleases not only because of its clean, crisp cinematography, the athleticism of its models, and its sound story, but mainly because of its refreshing use of youthful men. Brett Winters stars as a pretty cool dude hiking in the woods who is recruited by a modern-day fascist youth organization run by blond Scott Hogan.

Scott and his lieutenant, Craig Slater, ravish one another in a tent after sending the handsome membership off on duties. They 69, each trying to outdo the other in deep-throating one another's big boner, then studly and fleshy Craig fingers Scott's moist behind before stuffing him with his semi-soft meat. Craig's lack of full erection does nothing to detract from their steamy interaction, and even adds a new dimension because of the obvious mutual attraction they share. Undaunted, Scott rides his lover's member, stiffening it with his expert butt lips, and in the process Scott shoots a huge load. Craig dribbles his creamy honey on Scott's face for a smashing climax to a sweaty scene.

Meanwhile, brooding Dallas Taylor (here credited as Bill Tuck) sucks Bret's thick, round cock in the woods as inducement to join. Bret returns the favor then soundly bangs Dallas, who delivers a good-sized load. Bret knows a good thing when he fucks it, and decides to join Dallas and the guys back at the base camp. While being fitted for one of those nifty scout uniforms, Bret gets his knob polished by horny and dye-job blond Chad Knight. Bret nibbles on Chad's smooth plump ass to loosen him up, then slams home his big boner in a vain attempt to pump life in the leaden youngster.

Later, auburn-haired Jason Hunter recounts the three-way his previous leader, Randy Rider, and pal Nathan Rocco enjoyed in a tent. Director Jeff Lawrence wonderfully mixes three such similar youths to maximum effect as they form a suck chain with slight, frou-froued Nathan leading the action. Hard-bodied Randy first gets to fuck Nathan before Jason takes his turn. The next night, Scott delivers a boring and aimless speech and Jason wisely slips out, with Dallas close on his heels. They suck one another in a hallway outside the meeting room, and Lawrence delights us with overhead camera angles that capture every slurp and gulp. Jason samples Dallas's overworked behind and spills his seed.

Meanwhile, back at the rally, some loud-mouthed rabble-rouser interjects his unsolicited opinion and is promptly silenced by Scott's minions. Bret, seeing this, is turned off by their strong-arm tactics and retreats to the woods, ala Thoreau, to muse why we all just can't get along.

A marvelous blend of story and sex, this film is well directed and edited. It is performed so well that it refreshes with its skillful use of youth, all the actors actually look young, as opposed to other movies that stretch the viewer's disbelief too far.

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