Cast: Ty Russell, Vince Rockland, Alec Powers, David Hill, Cutter West, Alex Austin, Jerod Williams, Kurt Wolf(f)e
Director: Charles Rover

In "House Of Tricks," Jerod Williams says goodbye to his military boyfriend Alex Austin at the bus depot, then turns around and hires street hustler Alec Powers for some immediate gratification. Jerod blows Alec in the dining room to a creamy climax on his chest, but then demurs about having anal sex, although it doesn't cost any more. Instead, Jerod invites Alec to sleep over and become his houseguest! The next morning, Jerod leaves for work, then his housekeeper Kurt Wolff arrives to clean up and finds Alec still in bed. Kurt talks his way into bottoming for the street hustler before any chores get done!
Next, two of Alec's friends, Vince Rockland and David Hill, show up at Jerod's house and make themselves at home in the Jacuzzi where Vince tops David. Next, bottled water deliveryman Cutter West arrives and Kurt re-appears to bottom for him in the kitchen before Cutter continues on his route. Finally, Jerod's boyfriend Alex makes a surprise return home and confronts Alec whom he finds still hanging out there. Alex gets Alec to procure Ty Russell to bottom for him, then Jerod shows up and joins in to plow Ty with a dildo while Alex assists!

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