Year: 2006
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Solo, Toys, Cum shots
Length: 01:28:54
Directed by: Chad Donovan
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: Director Chad Donovan delivers another scorching film as he follow the exploits of nine hot studs sucking and fucking their days away at the Lust Resorts inn. Lust Resorts opens with Studio 2000 Exclusive Jeremy Hall making his way to the resort. The first thing he sees when he arrives is Studio 2000 Exclusive Rod Daily sitting by the poolside. Jeremy quickly changes into his bathing suit and joins Rod by the pool. Jeremy's casual stroking of his 9" cock through his suit catches Rod's eye, and Rod starts doing the same. Jeremy and Rod soon find themselves in Jeremy's room, where they start kissing. Kissing soon turns to rimming, which quickly turns to fucking, with Jeremy first taking Rod missionary style, and then having Rod sit down on his huge dick. You can tell from the cum shots how much these boys were into each other. Our camera then turns to Johnny Kfir and Clay Anderson making out by the pool. Superstar Eddie Stone spots them and decides to join in the action. Johnny quickly finds himself in the middle of these two hot studs, ably servicing their hard dicks. A handy lounge chair provides the vehicle for a three way rim-fest, as the boys take turns lapping each other's hot holes. Hungry Johnny once again puts himself in the middle, this time fucking Eddie and getting fucked by Clay at the same time. Eddie can't take the excitement, pulls off Johnny's big dick and shoots his load all over Johnny. Once Eddie leaves, Clay goes back to fucking Johnny until they both go over the top.

Over in their room, Jean Val Jean and Mark Hansford are going at it with abandon. Mark can't stop sucking and rimming Jean. In fact the only thing that will get Mark off his dick is to have it up his ass. Jean gives Mark quite the ride, as Mark's hot ass hangs off the edge of the bed, all the better for Jean to pound it. Jean finally pulls out and shoots an impressive load all over Mark. Mark soon adds his own cum.

In our final scene, Kyle Aames finds out just what kind of room service the resort is really famous for. Studio 2000 Exclusive Franco Santoro is the housekeeper who, while cleaning Kyle's room, finds a collection of Kyle's toys. Franco can't resist tugging on last night's used condom, swallowing an impressive dildo, and shoving an even larger one up his ass. Kyle begins to wonder what's taking so long in his room, and decides to take a peek. Once he realizes what Franco's up to, Kyle decides to replace the dildo in Franco's ass with his own huge cock. But first Franco just has to suck Kyle's dick and rim his ass. The close-ups of Kyle's asshole will make you feel like you're the one doing the rimming. Kyle finally gives Franco what he's been waiting for, a big hard dick up his ass. All that dildo play definitely got Franco hot and ready. The fucking is intense, and the cum shots more than worth the wait!

File size: 808.5 MB

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