Studio: Vivid Man 4-Hour
Cast: Mike Chavez, Mike Lamas, Michael Brawn, Michael White, Al Michaels, Michael Ashley, Brad Michaels (II), Mike Vista, Michael Crawford
Director: Lee Stern
Genre: Vintage, Compilation
Year: 1995-1999
Runtime: 240 min
Country: US
Give it to Mikey - he takes anything
LEWD DUDE Mikey satisities his sex starved appetite by having his friends fill his every orifice. It's hot fast action as hard, throbbing cocks pound deep and fast into willing mouths and tight ass-holes longing to shoot their white hot loads all over each other. Plenty of hard cocks, tight young asses and some incredible cum-filled fucking will have you acting like a LEWD DUDE stroking your cock wihsing to be invited to join in the hot action and fun. - Hard Hunks Collection Series.


File size: 688.9 MB

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