Release Year: 1997
Studio: Pride Video
Cast: Ben Harris, Chris Angle, Daniel Beale, Darren Thompson, Greg Summers, James Ingram, Jamie Death, Kevin Medermott, Lee Mellors, Leigh Bendell, Mark Barrett, Mark See, Matthew Palecki, Ryan Cashiman, Sarah Manion, Steve Reed , Steven Johnson, Tony Claffey
Genres: Plot Based, Softcore, Classic
Video language: English

Description: Mads about the Boy features four highly erotic and emotionally charged tales of love and sex. Four vignettes focus on obsessional love and star nine of Europe's most beautiful guys. From the director of The Chain Reaction.
JAMIE - Jamie's gay and studying at college. He's on the local gay scene and is secure in his sexuality. Jason is the college stud - the head of football and rugby and is a major hit with the girls. Jamie obviously fancies him, but knows it's pure fantasy or is it ...
TIM & PHILIP - Tim and Philip are life long best friends. They hang about together and have never questioned each others sexuality. That's until Tim arrives home early one day to find Philip in bed with a man. Tim's shocked but surprisingly turned on ...
DANIEL - Daniel is a hooker working the London scene. He makes the ultimate mistake of falling in love with one of his clients. He thinks he's blown it when he refuses to take money one night - but only finds the client feels the same way about him, but what of the problems this affair stirs up.
TOM - Only son Tom visits his family's country homne to find the old gardener has been replaced by a local village lad. Tom is obsessed by Mark, the hunky new gardener. After some passionate sexual interluds, Tom gets a nasty shock when a blackmail note turns up ...

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