Release Year: 2007
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: Hammer Entertainment
Cast: Martin Konwa, Lukas Frank, Angelo Merov, Kay Lexe
Director: Joseph Sonnenschein
Producer: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Videographer: Jan Racek

The heroes of Two Faces are living the standard dream... a hot girl, a nice place, and a successful life. The only thing is, it's all a lie! Deep down inside when no one is looking their other face comes out. A face that craves cock and just can't hold itself in anymore! See how our hot studs unleash their real, gay self in the hit Hammer title Two Faces.

Format: mp4
Duration: 01:49:26
Video: 480x368, MP4V, 771 kbps
Audio: 78 kbps

File size: 686.8 MB

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