Studio: Laguna Pacific
Cast: Leo Ford, Lance, Bobby Madison, Aaron Gage, Gary Tucker, Tim Richards, Rob Montessa, Cal Barry, Rick St. Clair, Johanne Scott, Steve Lyons, Brandon Walker, Micky McCoy, Eric Ryan
Director: William Higgins
Genre: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1983
Runtime: 86 min
Country: US
Description: For fans of the two titular stars this must be the Holy Grail. A cum-drenched, pre-condom best-seller, and one of director Higgins' best known and best made flicks. If young blonds, outdoor solos, duos, three ways and orgies, hard cumshots to the face and mouth and bare-back ass plowings are your thing this one is a must own.

Technically pretty great (some weak dubbing in spots keeps it from true "four star" territory) and loaded with amazing guys, this one can be called a in the truest sense. You'll go back for more.


File size: 930.8 MB

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