Studio: Nova Films
Cast: Kent Douglas, Jesse Koehler, Jeff Hunter, Jimmy Jagger, Guy Tait, Melchor Agular (Diaz), Marc Bennett, Daniel Holt, Dane Ford, Cody Rogers, Chris Allen, Cliff Ryder, Vince Thomas, Wes Vanway, Rex Morgan, Tracy Cole, Rich Thompson, Tony Kenndy.
Director: Robert Walters
Genre: Vintage
Year: 1985
Runtime: 80 min
Country: US
Description: Rex Morgan, the title character who lives up to his reputation, and Marc Bennett are reunited college roommates. Hollywood's newest resident, "naive" Rex is going to have to get used to things and some of the "weirdos" that Marc says are all around them. When a baby-faced delivery man accidentally knocks on "hunk's" door (instead of the door that the flowers are meant for) he says to Rex, "But they really should be for you." The delivery person goes over to the correct door and gets his big curved, uncut cock thoroughly sucked by his customer, a studly brunet played by Cliff Ryder. Cliff moves to the sofa to have his own, long meat swallowed and watches as the delivery man bends over and licks his own penis. Very erotic oral action continues with superior close-ups and the two 69 before Cliff fucks ass doggie style.

Understandably, once Rex gets outside and on his way searching for a new job, he gets all these stares as he searches for an apartment while wearing white pants so tight they might as well be his second scrotum. One instance finds Rex looking at an apartment and being greeted by a deep-voiced, blond stud with a swimmer's build. The blond sucks Rex's cock through his tight pants while he beats his long, foreskinned cock. Later, the roommate joins his barber buddy for a haircut, and a blowjob. The two soon neck on the barber chair as the camera zooms in for huge close-ups of cockhead getting lapped and cum being licked. Repeated, slow-motion explosions follow more cock-sucking.

Another duo, renting their place, are caught 69ing and eating asshole on the kitchen floor before sexy and youthful Latin Melchor offers his nude ass for Rex's pleasures. After a variety of hilarious misadventures, Rex does find true love, and most importantly, explosive sex with the man of his dreams (and many other men.) The men are muscular; some are clones, and some have the prettiest baby-faces. The film has a full plot about coming out, growth and self-discovery, and better-than-average acting. Sound is excellent throughout. Its humor is a big plus, and this film is definitely worth more than just one look.



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