Jack Burke, Michael, Phillip, Scott Anderson, Steve Boyd

These three short films feature good-looking men with big dicks, all fucking in the great outdoors. These early works rival (in sexual heat, if not technical sheen) the blockbusters that were to follow.? - Manshots In the title segment, a pair of lovers stop for a hitchhiker (huge-dicked Steve Boyd) and get it on alongside, and on top of, their pick-up truck. All three men are well-endowed, but the lovers end up worshipping the studly top, reveling in getting fucked by him and sucking his huge meat.

Video: 512x384, 23,976 fps, color: 24 bits, 1216,19 kbit/s
Audio: codec: MPEG1 Layer-3, 128 kbit/s, 48000 Hz, 2 channel(s)

File size: 689.5 MB

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