Description: Lance Hancock is pissed. He?s pissed at his contractor, Jay Benjamin, and his four-man crew (Virgo, Philip Mihol, Sergeant Bubba and Mace) for dragging their asses on finishing the work in his house. When he chews Jay out, and Jay passes it on to his crew, the stage is set for mutiny. And as soon as Lance enters the house, he goes from being pissed to being pissed on and in, and from chewing out to being chewed out of his ?tude; nude and lewd, this dude is screwed. Any all-male construction crew naturally builds up tension when deadlines loom, and the slightest hint of extra testosterone is enough to ignite a sexual explosion, as Lance soon discovers. These guys need and they are gonna cum at his expense. Add anger to perpetual horniness, and it smells like rape. And that?s what these guys do to Lance ? they nail him to the tool table, then proceed to nail him with their throbbing tools. Philip shoves his cock in Lance?s mouth and chokes him with it. Virgo, Mace and Bubba piss all over him. Virgo fucks him, and Jay pissfucks him. Once the juices start flowing, there?s no holding back this crew of bareback gangbangers. Lance isn?t the only one in need of an attitude adjustment; the aptly named Philip Mihol, the most aggressive bottom in video, also gets fucked into submission by Bubba, Jay and Mace ? gangbanging at its best. Pretty soon Philip is predictably begging for dick, cum and piss ? the ultimate cock-crazy cunt whore. Bubba?s beercan billy club of a cuntwrecker makes Philip his bitch, pushing out his juicy rosebud and shouting, ?Fuckin? slam it in! Fuckin? slam me!? By the time Bubba cums deep up his ass and Philip licks his cock totally clean, it?s not rape anymore, it?s love ? not puppy love, but bitch love. Then he wags his tail for Jay Benjamin, who demands to see his rosebud: ?I want that fuckin? ass to say ?Fuck me!?? Jay teases Philip with his cockhead, then bangs his hole without mercy while Philip moans, ?Push it in! Pound it! Pound it! Come on, boss, fuck it! Put your fuckin? cock up my ass!? On the other hand, his ass isn?t his only asset; when Bubba mouth-worships his body-builder biceps, Philip croons, ?Yeah, kiss my fuckin? 18-incher.? Mid-orgy, this cock-crazed crew are interrupted by a delivery boy (Ty O?Brien). Within a minute, he?s stripped of his shorts and shirt, bent over the tool table in his black jockstrap, and fucked raw, dry and deep by Lance, passing back some of that fuck rage, followed by Jay, while Virgo shoves his cock into Ty?s protesting mouth. If rape turns you on (and if you?re any kind of man, admit it ? it probably does), watch Ty?s face as he processes the helpless pain and pleasure of anal penetration, resisting yet being turned on against his will. By the time Jay tells Ty, ?We?re all gonna get a fuckin? turn? at his well-used studfinder hole, he smiles, laughs and shouts, ?Yes, sir!? This is one delivery boy who doesn?t have to stand to deliver. Later on, though, his cock stands tall and proud as he delivers a steaming shower fuck to Philip (who cries out, ?Dick me, bitch! Bone my ass!?); after that, fucking Virgo, he shoots the first part of his cum load onto his ass, then pushes it inside with his cock, finishing up his special delivery in Virgo?s hot hole. This is Virgo?s Dick Wadd debut, and it?s clear he?s destined for great things ? millions of male things, anyway. He?s like a boy just discovering how good his dick can make him feel. You will never see a more dedicated raunch slut in video, and probably in real life. He does it all, and he does it with gusto. You won?t be able to take your eyes off him as he alternately fucks Lance and eats his sloppy hole; slurps up Mace?s piss to spit all over Lance, who?s getting fucked by Jay; squirts several cumloads and sucks down others; gets fucked by Jay wielding a huge, black strap-on dildo; and even fists himself. One of the highlights of HARD HAT PIGS is when Virgo fucks Lance, then fists him, then shoves his cock in beside his own arm, turning it into a fuck/fistfuck-fest. You?ll hear lots of hot sex talk during any Dick Wadd video, but you rarely hear a three-dollar word like ?insatiable?, except here, where Jay Benjamin can?t refrain from using it, repeatedly and admiringly, about Virgo. [See lots more of Virgo in Dick Wadd?s PIGS AT THE HOIST.] There are some dynamite close-ups in HARD HAT PIGS ? the camera so close you can just about stick out your tongue and taste the action. Bubba?s cock squishing its way through Philip?s rosebud; from below, Ty?s jockstrap dripping piss while his ass gets slam-raped; Lance pushing out his well-spermed asshole into a royal dripping rosebud; Ty felching his cum from Virgo?s slimy mancunt; Bubba catching the drippings from Philip?s hole as he farts out a cum load. And unlike some bareback videos on the market today, you can?t miss the cum traveling down Virgo?s tongue into his belly, or out of Lance?s cock into Philip?s muscle asshole. And what?s the point of barebacking without masculine body fluids? Each one is special, and each gets its due in HARD HAT PIGS. Each stud on this crew will verbally abuse you with your unworthiness, and make you beg for sexual favors you can?t even acknowledge you want, much less deserve. He?ll hose you down with his piss, and force you to swallow it, reminding you that you must be worthy of his waste water before you can earn his cum. He?ll spit on you, so you know you have no value outside the dominion of his cock. He?ll force you to lick his pits and eat his ass, so he can imprint his smell and taste on you. And when you have no resistance left, he?ll finish asserting his territorial rights by taking possession of your throat and asshole with his raw, triumphant cock, sealing his ownership with his sacred semen. It can?t be done with condoms; it only counts if his cum goes down your throat and up your ass. So next time you feel like shoving it to some boy slut, or if you want to be initiated into cock slavery and the roughest of the rough ways of manhood by making your body a lightning rod of lust, go find yourself some HARD HAT PIGS?they know the drill.

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