Typically Cadinot, with three mini-movies in one. The opener starts with a seven-way orgy at a strip club. The stripper has a long brown cock that he works into a disco music frenzy. Everybody gets sucked and/or fucked, and there are plenty of cum-shots, tho' none are of note. The dancer then does a solo, in which he sits on a dildo the size of Manhattan. His puckering hole is a jaw dropper.

Next are a number of guys on the beach, in various pairs. There is a sub-plot of a guy flashing and playing peeping Tom, who eventually gets gang banged. There are a couple of rather nice-looking guys in this scene.

Lastly, a guy sneaks into the bathroom, while his roommate sleeps, to give himself a deuche and sit on a handle of some sorts. Roomie wakes up and jerks off watching, before joining in. A very poorly lit scene follows, with some guys in what looks like an engine room.

The music is on the strange side, some of the scenes are too dark and the whole thing is rather hard to follow but the nice dicks and pretty asses make up for it. Cadinot fans will love it; the rest of you won't.

Genres: vintage oral, anal sex, group, cumshots
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