A.K.A.: La Main Au Feu
Studio: Cadinot / French Art
Cast: Dany Brown, Frederic Laroche, Kemal Rais, Angelo Despaz, Driss Rachid, Assan Ariana
Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Genre: Vintage, Foreign/International Cast, No Condom, Twinks
Year: 1988
Runtime: 69 min
Country: France
Little Dany plays a shady guy on the run - it seems like there's a firebug loose in gay Paree. It's pretty much by the number storywise (each guy Dany fucks he fucks over - a guy who picks him up hitching, a cop who is on to him, total strangers camping, etc.) but the sex here was woo-hoo pre-condom good.

The best sequence is undoubtedly the finale, in which Dany gets his comeuppance (cum-uppance?) as he's gangbanged and slammed around like a cunty little rag doll. This was made during the time when Cadinot was moving into much heavier buttplay (see 1990's astonishing Le Coursier for proof) and there's some intense dildofication work here. The squeamish need not watch.

Weak storywise and the subtitles are practically useless.
But you won't forget Dany getting pounded.
-Keeneye Reeves

File size: 365.2 MB

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