Categories: Softcore/Erotica, Wrestling: Traditional
Starring: Michael Reuter, Brent Denton, Damien Bradford, Kevin Bryant
Studio: BG Enterprise

Bout 1: Michael Reuter vs. Brent Denton ? these two wrestlers became best friends ? for a while. BG didn't know it but they were enemies by the time this bout was scheduled. So the subtext throughout this bout was enmity. This brings out an unusually aggressive Michael against his former friend. Nudity.
Bout 2: Damien Bradford vs. Kevin Bryant ? This little stick of dynamite named Damien Bradford was unbeatable, unstoppable. His strength, speed, and knowledge of wrestling holds was superior to anyone BG ever matched him against. To see a small, well muscled, wrestler take out a much bigger one always humiliated them. This is the first match Damien ever appeared in for BG. Damien's favorite hold was the sleeper, sometimes which he applied all the way, most times he didn't. He used the hold as a humiliating tactic as well as a threat and got away with it. Nudity. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 00:42:41
Resolution: 640x480

File size: 433.4 MB

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