Description: A pre-condom William Higgins / Kip Noll essential. Highlights are the bountiful facial cumshots, and the "Westside Boy" orgy is a chicken-lover's dream. Tech credits are pretty much blah (even when giving points for when this was made), and it's a little on the short side running-time-wise, but the sex scenes make up for any "badness." Be prepared to turn the volume up, too, as the sound sucked.
Then again so does most of the cast - but in a very, very good way!
"When Kip Noll's folks are away, there isn't an inch of the family's West LA estate that doesn't see action, from the pool to the jacuzzi, from the rose garden to the rug in front of the living room fireplace. During the course of one day, an insurance salesman, a poolboy, two look-alike cousins ??and the blond superstud himself all do their part to help LA's westside district earn its 90 069 zip code! "

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